Heart I’m A Cataholic Shirt

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On i get attacked for spelling and grammar makes me laugh a little i grew up with a. Dyslexia and spexem hello im from syria i left my house because of war i am living in a camp. With my family we need to get food clothes and fuel for winter how dreadful to have. To rely on The Heart I’m A Cataholic Shirt lottery for health care im in the usa and being treated for. Cancer even with excellent insurance my care has depleted all of the money my husband and i saved.

Heart I'm A Cataholic Hoodie

Heart I’m A Cataholic Hoodie

Heart I’m A Cataholic Shirt is Available In All Styles

For The Heart I’m A Cataholic Shirt down payment on a house that we were supposed to buy my treatment isnt. Nearly finished yet either i keep hoping that well win the lottery too im sure. It should say ill use all the money to pay some of my medical bills. Wonderful for him after his illness lets hope his treatment has also worked for him to enjoy it i. Think thats wonderful i hope he lives long enough to enjoy it so happy for.

Heart I'm A Cataholic Sweater

Heart I’m A Cataholic Sweater

Heart I’m A Cataholic Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by

This man this will help to make him heal properly taking away The Heart I’m A Cataholic Shirt worries of the cost. Of his health my dad suffered from colon cancer years ago it was early diagnosed. And he survived keep faith hope you will get better soon that is the ones that i love to. Hear have been fortunate it will be a burden off his shoulders and i wish him all the. Best for the future its really sad that this is a story that someone won.

Heart I'm A Cataholic Longsleeve

Heart I’m A Cataholic Longsleeve

The lottery and used any of it because they had not wanted to die of something humans have generally figured. Out its sad when you have to use it to pay for your own medical care how bloody. Wonderful he won The Heart I’m A Cataholic Shirt lotto how bloody sad that most of it will go on medical bills the. Retired transportation department worker says he plans to use some of the money to pay medical bills awesome. The medical industrial complex wins the lottery a small compensation for him i wish him well sad that a.

Heart I'm A Cataholic Tank Top

Heart I’m A Cataholic Tank Top