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They accuse you of thinking you are above the Invest In Womens Sports Shirt law but all along they think they are so clever and important that they do not need to obey the law and they have mastesee more can or will anything be done to these people for doing this they tried to ruin you and your family actually all of americawill they be held accountable if not they may continue even after you are reelected thank you for your service. Need to be jailed their bank accounts investigated and seized with their property all to be liquidated to benefit the american taxpayers I would expect nothing less than a deep dive into the bho administration we want indictments prosecutions and prison time for the conspirators a strong message needs sent or if they skate we have no justice in americahow do you expect people to fight to keep must be time to seek justice and have each and every person involved repay every cent they stole and be duly prosecuted and sent to jail for there part in defruading the country and the president elect justice must be done for future generations to come mr president you hold the reins. Its party loyalty and tyranny of coursei would change my mind about you if you had approval ratings from the whole american populacedo you think pelosi could just go on back to californiaout of politics

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