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Off no way should they step in here they didnt help flybe so definitely not virgin you mean virgin have. Not put any money aside for a rainy day why should i bail out their greed let these companies die. As they deserve or maybe compulsory bank withdrawal from their shareholders no chance hes a billionaire he needs to plough. His own money in there to keep it going payyourstaff sorry perhaps The Nah I’m The Nurse Shirt shareholders should give their bonuses back after. Letting flybe go to the wall bailing out a billionaire would not be a good move they wouldnt look after.

Nah I'm The Nurse Sweater

Nah I’m The Nurse Sweater

Nah I’m The Nurse Shirt is Available In All Styles

There staff so why should we bail him out didnt he once say he would do a better job with. Nhs and would like The Nah I’m The Nurse Shirt opportunity to runvery frightening given his attitude now will never use virgin products ever dont. Give branson a penny greedy selfish rich man let him use what he got when he sued the nhs just. For starters surely the shareholders should stump up before govt aid or give the govt of the company the duplicitous. Rat billionaire megalomaniac branson has enough assets to bail his own airline out i only really feel sorry for his.

Nah I'm The Nurse Tank Top

Nah I’m The Nurse Tank Top

Nah I’m The Nurse Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by Scoopitee Shirt

Employees no branson doesnt pay taxes so hes entitled to nowt frankly plus hes got enough of his own money. To bail his own firm out bloody cheek if we bail them out then we want part ownership we shouldnt. Give something for nothing whilst they have thousands of wealthy shareholders sitting at home so there is a petition going. Around to make people redundant he has already put in and is unlikely to put in anymore The Nah I’m The Nurse Shirt staff have. Been put on unpaid leave since the beginning out of a job not to mention that when they go under.

Nah I'm The Nurse Longsleeve

Nah I’m The Nurse Longsleeve

You are left with ba they will have a monopoly and your ticket prices will rocket as they will have. No competition all because you dont like branson im never flying on virgin again or using there company for anything. Their reputation is in taters let it fail tax dodging nhs vulture let branson cough up for a change richard. You will need to suck it up my friend The Nah I’m The Nurse Shirt same as alm of us other business owners liquidate some. Assets ss you cant take it with you lets hope you stay safe branson is pals with the tories hell.

Nah I'm The Nurse Hoodie

Nah I’m The Nurse Hoodie