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Of paying taxes he should stop his space travel project that would save a few pounds virgin atantic is a. Terrible airline im surprised they stayed in business even before The Public Enemy Shirt virus so they shouldnt come ask the us to. Bail them out why not the uk virgin group has made billions over many years time they borrowed the money. From the imf or similar on there own bat we shouldnt be propping up bransons businesses unless he signs them. Over to us if it cant survive then let it fail or even better the richard branson to reach into.

Public Enemy Hoodie

Public Enemy Shirt is Available In All Styles

Pocket where billions lay to help The Public Enemy Shirt airline out or pull money back from the virgin cruises project get a. Grip branson greedy man not paying ypur staff perhaps branson could sell his island dont bail virgin out fgs richard. Branson is a billionaire get your hand in your pocket and look after your own they have made their billions. Profits and sent it to other countries and now asking bailouts in the uk no way no we bailed the. Bankers out its not our fault billionaires take all the money out of their business let branson pli some of.

Public Enemy Tank Top

Public Enemy Tank Top

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The profit hes had from them back in its not a uk company virgin atlantic should seek a bailout from. The country its based in you can think you know it all but The Public Enemy Shirt factor hear is greed how many. Millions does a man need no he should not have a bail out hes a private company and has made. Ill ions from it so should be looking after his company and staff not just himself if branson gets a. Bail out there should be riots they should shut down operations park the planes give everyone compulsory months leave at.

Public Enemy Sweater

Public Enemy Sweater

Half pay he should put his hand in his own pocket look after his staff and spend some of them. Billions he has bronson owns islands and spaceships heres more money than a small country let him finance his own. Airline hes not a multi millionaire hes a multi billionaire richard branson only has a share in virgin airlines virgin. Atlantic is owned by The Public Enemy Shirt virgin group air franceklm and delta air lines hes offered million of his own money. Read the articles and know the facts branson full of greed that man remember him during brexit went off him.

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Public Enemy Longsleeve