Vintage I’m So Ramentic Shirt

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A penny when he has much of his own his staff have been laid off without pay as well not. Such a nice man in The Vintage I’m So Ramentic Shirt hard light of day his a billionaire use your own money plus why should. We help you now you sued are nhs what has he done to help this country sell your island he. Does not even live in the uk unfortunately my taxes always end up in the pockets of the why should. I brigade why should i get a job why should i not have as many babies as i want so.

Vintage I'm So Ramentic Hoodie

Vintage I’m So Ramentic Hoodie

Vintage I’m So Ramentic Shirt is Available In All Styles

I can see The Vintage I’m So Ramentic Shirt bearded why should i pay tax one also benefitting while the rest of us struggle for. The unforseeable owned by delta airlines and by air france klm with the remaining held by virgin group in the. Virgin islands this isnt a british tax payer issue if he wants he should write to trump macron rutte and. Dip his hand into his deep pockets maybe he should use the money that hes received from suing the nhs. Also ask his offshore banks to transfer the interest on his billions that they are keeping safe for him that.

Vintage I'm So Ramentic Longsleeve

Vintage I’m So Ramentic Longsleeve

Vintage I’m So Ramentic Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by Scoopitee Shirt

Hes not paying tax on to help him out a bit just a thought happy to keep stuffing huge profits. In their pockets when times are good greedy enough to demand bailouts when times arent so good he had the. Gall to sue The Vintage I’m So Ramentic Shirt nhs when he lost a contract and now he asks for us to bail him out. The government should tell him to bog off he should not get tax payers money bailout he does not pay. Taxes ie nhs contracts i would like to see branson selling his shares to save virgin before he gets any.

Vintage I'm So Ramentic Tank Top

Vintage I’m So Ramentic Tank Top

Tax payers money he must not benefit funny that he told his staff to take u paid leave my answer. To that is words next is offwhile hard working people willsuffer for years why should he get bail out will. I for my billswhos paying my ccgas eleccouncil tax water rates o yes thats right me again tell branson to. Piss right off after suing The Vintage I’m So Ramentic Shirt nhs he has enough of his own money no richard branson use your own. Considerably fortune and look after your own staff do the decent honourable thing rb wants to put his hand in.

Vintage I'm So Ramentic Sweater

Vintage I’m So Ramentic Sweater